How PerpetuaL watches are made ?
-The watch movements are acquired directly from the various movement makers in China.
-The checking procedures : amplitude, accuracy rate, beat error are tested & carried out
by our own technicians in Hong Kong. The movements fail to meet our strict standards will
be screened out to ensure our watches will perform at their best.
-The assembly works, and most importantly, the fine-tuning the movements are carried out
by our experienced technicians in Hong Kong.
-All PerpetuaL watches are required to be tested on a checking device for 8 hours and
being rotated in 2 directions. The processes of checking the running performance & power
reserve capability, altogether 3 cycles are required for the general models and 6 cycles for
Tourbillons & Chronographs. Only watches that are able to pass all the standard tests can
be shipped to our customers.
What does daily accuracy +/-12 seconds mean ?
The accuracy rates of our watches are checked in 5 positions : dial face up,
crown up, crown down, crown on the left & dial face down. The maximum tolerances for
our general models are +/-15 seconds and +/-12 seconds for chronographs &
tourbillons. The rate is taken with the watch movement fully winded/powered. The
settings may vary according to the different scales of positional variations on different
movements. Our strict standard will ensure each and every single watch will
perform adequately & accurately. Since +/-15 & +/-12 seconds are the maxmum
tolerances, your PerpetuaL watch in reality should perform reasonably better in accuracy.

How tough is our sapphire crystal ?
Our sapphire crystal is scratch-proof with anti-reflection coating. The result is excellent
legibility especially on the black dialed watches. You will realize a blue reflection of your
watch from the anti-glare coating. Owing to its high density, you will feel the sapphire
crystal is much colder in comparison with mineral glass. Sapphire crystal costs 50 times
more than the mineral glass, not many watches can be equipped with sapphire crystals
at our price range.

Blued Steel Hands
From 2015, all blued steel hands featured in our watches are heat-treated (325°F). The
hands must be made of steel to withstand the high-heat treatment. The pictures on this
page bottom right show what a world of difference authentic blued steel hands
compared with the conventional lighter colored less solid electroplated ones. Only less
than a few Chinese brands can & will offer authentic blued steel hands.

Why prices are reasonable ?
We are responsible for designing, all parts merchandising as well as making our
watches, no third party is involved. PerpetuaL watches can only be purchased at
ex-workshop prices exclusively through our website, all these savings are passed on to
our end-customers.

Is shipping included ?
Yes, all shipping costs are included in the listed prices, the ordered watches are sent by
SpeedPost (EMS) 3-day worldwide delivery through Hong Kong Post . A tracking
no. will be provided once the watch is sent.

Return policy ?
Yes, 7-day satisfaction guaranteed
. Watches can be returned within 7 days (No
Questions Asked
) upon receiving the watch. The watch must be returned in brand new
condition, and certain charges for shipping & handling are required.

What does the 2-year warranty cover ?
Our warranty covers all manufacturing defects on our watches. The artificial damages or
scratches on sapphire crystal/ mineral glass, leather strap & metal bracelet are not
covered in the warranty. The warranty is void for watches that are being serviced or
opened not by our workshop. We will bear all the shipping charges for the returned
watches which are required to be sent back to our workshop for servicing during the 2
-year warranty period. To give you a piece of mind, we are offering a 2-year worldwide
warranty to our watches.

What if the 2-year warranty expired ?
Every watch will be required to be overhauled in every 3-5 years. The overhaul includes
a complete dismantle of the whole watch movement, for cleaning & re-oiling. The certain
parts which are likely to suffer tear & wear the most will be replaced. We would charge
US$60 for the overhauling the general models, including the return shipping cost. It will
cost much higher for chronographs & tourbillons. For minor repairs : crystal/mineral
($30/60cents), crown ($5). These spare parts can be ordered for replacement to be
carried out by your hired local jeweller. With adding the required shipping costs, such
services are certainly offered by our workshop.

Regulator R-01/02 & the discontinued models
Unless for after-sales-service, no reply will be given for inquiring the discontinued
models, they will not be offered again.

If you have any questions, please contact us through our CONTACT webpage.
All inquiries will be replied within 24 hours.
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